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Sullivan: in Most Dangerous Era Since WWII, Biden’s Policies Are ‘National Security Suicide’

U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska) said the Biden administration is undertaking “a policy of national security suicide” by surrendering American energy independence, appeasing Iran’s Mullah through weakened sanctions enforcement, and proposing U.S. military cuts during an appearance on The Fox News Rundown Podcast on Monday. Senator Sullivan also said he has little doubt the devastating attacks by Hamas against Israeli civilians were conducted “through the lens of the malign activities and influence of Iran.” He said Iran’s responsibility require’s immediate action by the Biden administration in the form of stronger sanction enforcement.

SENATOR SULLIVAN: “This administration has come into office and literally shut down one of our great strengths, which is American energy. You literally have a Biden administration undertaking what I refer to as a policy of national security suicide. What we need to do, particularly with regard to energy, is recognize it as a huge American strategic advantage and produce our own energy, and shut down the production of energy in terrorist states like Iran and Venezuela, who use it for malign influences and in the case of Iran, for killing Israelis and Americans.

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“We need, as Congress, to step up and demand that the Biden administration reverse so many of its policies that have undermined U.S. strength. I talked about energy. I talked about our military. As you know, the Biden administration has put forward military budgets to shrink the military. Every budget that this president put forward has been a cut. In this current budget, the president shrinks the Army, shrinks the Navy, shrinks the Marine Corps. They’ve undertaken, as I mentioned, an appeasement policy with Iran. What we need is Congress speaking with strong voices to reverse these policies and bolster our national defense. You know, providing for the defense of our nation is probably the most important constitutional requirement and responsibility the United States Congress has.

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We made enormous progress on many important resource development projects in Alaska, on critical minerals, on oil and gas, during the Trump administration. The Biden administration has come in and essentially tried to reverse almost every single one of these.

“And to your point, that hurts jobs in my state. It also doesn’t do anything for the environment because Alaska has the highest environmental standards on the production and development of natural resources of any place in the world. If you’re not producing oil and gas in Alaska, with the highest standards on the planet, but you want to get it from Venezuela, you’re certainly not helping the environment. Globally, you’re actually hurting it.

“And of course, it hurts my constituents directly in terms of jobs. But every American citizen should be concerned when Alaska, with its high standards on the environment, can’t produce energy for America and the world. I’m certainly hopeful that we’re going to finally once again re-impose massive sanctions on Iran and unleash the huge potential of American energy, which is not just good for jobs and good for our economy, but is an enormous element of American strength and power.”

SULLIVAN: “When I talk about the Middle East, and I’ve spent a lot of time out there as a senator and a former Bush administration official and as a U.S. Marine, the one thing I always like to mention is that the lens in which we need to view almost all of the terrorist activity occurring there is through the lens of the malign activities and influence of Iran.

“As you know, they fully fund and train Hamas and they have been focused on killing Americans and Israelis for decades. So I’m hopeful that the Biden administration is going to wake up, recognize that their appeasement policies with regard to Iran have to stop, and re-impose the very comprehensive sanctions that the Trump administration had placed on the Iranian regime and the Iranian economy. And I think that’s in some ways the most important way in which to deter a broadening of this conflict throughout the Middle East.”

Source : Sullivan