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Coalition Warns Congress About Railway Safety Act

The Competitive Enterprise Institute and Rio Grande Foundation sent out a a coalition letter with a litany of cosigners to the United States Congress expressing serious concerns with the Senate’s Railway Safety Act (S. 576).

The most glaring problems with the legislation include:

  • A mandate for two-person crews in perpetuity is overly prescriptive and denies rail companies the flexibility to adjust future operations;
  • A section on movement of hazardous materials avoids essential cost-benefit analysis, like a survey of likely risks generated by regulations that spur railroads and shippers to alter their procedures;
  • Prescriptions on use of trackside detectors that threaten to lock in specific technologies at the expense of innovation and flexibility.

Railroads play a crucial role in the nation’s supply chain efficiency. Congress should avoid rushed policymaking that caters to specific interests and instead address the issues at hand thoughtfully and in a cost-effective manner.

Read the full letter with a list of signatories below.


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